Fried Udon

#-- makes 2--# - udon noodle - broccoli - cabbage - pork, sliced - 1 king oyster mushrooms (or Chinese mushroom) - salt and soy sauce
wanna have a simple Asian style dish and taste everything? that's why i make this for weekday dinner. 1. Cook udon noodle as directed on the packet. (save 2 minutes for later) 2. In a hot pan with few tbsp oil, cook pork about medium well, add mushrooms in, stir until fragrant, then add veggie, mix together. Add 1 tbsp soy sauce and 1/2 cup water into the pan, mix well, then put the lid on, bring water to boil and let it steam about 5 minutes. 3. Add noodle into the pan, mix well, let everything cook together, about 2 minutes, add salt to taste. 4. Serve directly.