Fried Tofu in Sweet Chili Sauce

- Tofu (Regular or Firm) cut in 1 inch cubes - Sesame oil - Canola oil - Dijon mustard - Sweet chili sauce - Teriyaki sauce - Cilantro leaves
This is a slight variation on a dish served at a Whole Foods close to where I live. They give you the basic ingredients on the container but not the amounts so you'll just have to eyeball it. If you like how it taste then there's your sauce :) The original recipe calls for grilling the tofu but I don't have a grill so I just fried it. 1. Mix Sesame Oil, Dijon Mustard, Sweet Chili Sauce and Teriyaki Mustard. 2. Chop Cilantro leaves and add to mix. 3. Fry Tofu in canola oil over high heat on preferably non-stick frying pan turning on each side until all sides are golden brown. 4. Drop the Tofu in sauce and mix until tofus are fully covered in sauce. 5. You can eat it right away or put it in the fridge to chill for a couple of minutes. Tastes good either way.