Fried Ramen Pancake

- Any flavour ramen - Any sauce (I like teriyaki) - Any oil (I like sesame)
I love ramen, but the convention way of cooking it was getting boring. I love chow mein but it's just way too difficult to make so I combined what I liked about chow mein and the simplicity of ramen. I love crunchy foods. 1. Fill a medium-sized (large enough to fit the ramen block with 1-2 inches of space around it) non-stick frying pan with water, half-way. 2. Heat the pan with the water to a boil. Place ramen block and spinkle the soup base (if you like it) too. 3. Let the ramen soften, flip it if it's still solid so that it is evenly moistened. Use chopsticks to loosen it up. Sort of like untangling your hair. 4. Let the ramen soften some more, and if the water evapourates, great! If there is still water in the pan after 3 minutes of cooking, drain the water. Slide the noodles off the pan and into a clean plate. 5. Drizzle some oil (I like sesame) in the pan and let it heat up at Maximum heat. 6. Once the pan is hot, slide back the noodles into the pan. Evenly distribute the noodles over the pan. Drizzle 2-3 tablespoons of sauce. 7. Let it fry. Occassionally lift the ramen to check the underside. If it's brown, use a spatula to flip it and let the other side cook. 8. Let the other side fry. Again, lift and check. 9. If it's brown, slide it off the pan and into your plate. Yay.