French Me Honey Peach Toast

- 2 slices of 100% Whole Wheat Lite bread - 1/4 tsp of vanilla extract - a splash of soy milk - 1 egg white - 1 tbsp honey - a few slices of peach (fresh or frozen)
This is a way healthier version of your normal French toast. It is so so so tasty too. I love the peach and honey combo. The vanilla gives the French toast an extra kick as well. If you want the full fat version, go ahead and use white bread, milk, and powdered sugar, etc. I'm sure it'll be awesome as well. :) 1. Mix egg white, vanilla extract, and a splash of soy milk in a bowl. Whisk together lightly. 2. Soak the bread in the mixture. Make sure the entire bread is soaked. 3. Heat up the pan on medium high. Spray with cooking spray. Put the bread in the pan and wait till each side is golden brown. 4. Put on a plate and set a few slices of peach on the toast in a decorative manner. Drizzle with honey. 5. Indulge.