Fragant Bake Fish

150g of fish (I dont know the name of the fish, but its a oily fish, the tail part) Pinch of salt Pinch of pepper 1 tablespoon of teriyaki sauce 1 tablespoon of olive oil 1 inch of lemongrass, slice thinly 2 tablespoon of shallot chopped coarsely 1 tablespoon of garlic chopped coarsely 1 teaspoon of pomfret fish sauce Pinch of salt
Rub the fish all over with the pepper, salt and teriyaki sauce. Bake it at 190 degree celcius for 30mins. Heat up the oil and saute lemongrass and shallot till fragant. Add in garlic and fry till it is almost golden. Add in salt and fish sauce. Turn off the fire. Serve it on top of the fish.