Focaccia with Basil, Mozarella and Mediterranean Veg.

- Focaccia bread - Fresh Buffalo Mozarella - Fresh Basil - Sundried Tomato in oil - Courgette - Red Pepper
My wife bought some lovely tomato and oregano focaccia bread today (and some buffalo mozarella) so I had to make something out of it while it was still fresh. 1. Take approx 1/3 to 1/2 of the pepper and a 5-7cm piece of courgette and slice both quite thickly. brush lightly wth olive oil and grill them until the courgette brown slightly and the pepper goes soft and the skin blackens a little. 2. Take a 5-7cm slice of the focaccia and cut it down the middle (lengthways). drizzle a little olive oil on the inside of both pieces. 3. Make a chiffonade of 2-3 basil leaves and slice 1-2 pieces of sundried tomato quite finely. Place these on top of twho thin slices of mozarella on one piece of the bread. 4. Place the grilled vegetables on the other side. Enjoy them apart or quickly push them together as a sandwich.