Fish cake with potato

~ minced fish meat
~ chopped parsley
~ L&P sauce (soy sauce)
~ pepper powder
~ sesame oil
~ 1 potato
~ 1 egg
~ corn flour
~ deep fried flour (pre-mix)
~ bread crumb
~ oil (for frying)

  1. cut the potato into cube, set into boiling water let it boil till soft
  2. remove the water, use fork to slight press & mash the potato
  3. mixed up the mashed potato with minced fish meat
  4. add on L&P sauce, pepper powder, parsley flake, egg, sesame oil, corn flour, mixed them well
  5. scoop the minced meat with spoon, dust the deep fried flour and coated with bread crumb
  6. pan fry the fish cake on frying pan with oil
  7. served hot, dip with ketchup / chilli sauce (optional)