Fiery and Fruity Guacamole Tapa

- 1 tomato - 1 avocado - half a red grapefruit - small chili pepper - fresh cilantro - sea salt, pepper
I was craving guacamole but I didn't have any limes in my kitchen. However, I had a red grapefruit... so I remembered how sliced grapefruit and avocado go well together in a salad and applied that to my guacamole. I liked the results!! 1. Use tomato as the delicious recipient of the guacamole. 2. In bowl, add the discarded tomato pulp and seeds. 3. Chop finely a quarter of the chili pepper (or to taste). 4. Add chopped chili pepper, avocado and diced grapefruit to bowl and mash together well. 5. Sprinkle with chopped cilantro, sea salt and ground black pepper to taste. 6. Put mixture back into tomato for nice presentation as a tapas-style appetizer. Serve with tortilla chips.