fermented Soybeans(Natto-納豆)

2.the bacillus subtilis of natto (Or, natto on the market).

1 soak the Soy beans to water all night.

2. boil the soy beans  until becoming soft. It is about about 5-6 hour.
(Or  steam by the pressure cooker for 20min)
(steaming are  more delicious than  boiling. )

3. Sprinkle Bacillus subtilis to the boiled soybeans .

Method-1: Method of using powder of Bacillus subtilis.
 if you live in Japan and to get powdery  Bacillus subtilis  easily.
 Drain water completely and  mix Bacillus subtilis to the boiled soybeans.

Method-2: Method of using natto on the Japanese super market.
 Because it is difficult to get the powder of Bacillus subtilis excluding Japan,  we can use the natto on the Japanese super market, drain water completely and mix Bacillus subtilis the boiled soybeans.

( both method , mix during hot. )

4.Next, fermented. Air is necessary for the becoming fermented Soy beans, choose the container that  have air hole.
 Fermented soy beans require that keeping warm, over eight hours about 104F(40C) degrees.

5.Serve with Soy sauce,mustard,sacallion