Feba’s home made tagliatelle

- 400gr flour - 4 eggs - salt - pasta making machine
1. shape the flour in "vulcano like" shape 2. put the eggs in the middle of the flour mount 3. mash up the flour and eggs, adding a little bit of salt until the dough is "elastic" 4. divide the dough into reasonable portions (usually 2 or 3) 5. start "stretching" the dough into pasta sheets 6. start from the wider setting (7/8 mm.) and pass the dough through it several times, until it's uniform and compact, gradually thinning it until you get layers of 1 or 2 mm. Note: whenever the layer gets too "long" (more than 40 cm), cut it in half and proceed with one sheet at a time. 7. when you have a sheet of the desired thickness, cut it in thin stripes (the pasta maker will have a cutter setting for that). 8. Let the tagliatelle dry a bit, then cook them in salted, boiling water for a few minutes (3 to 5, depending on the thickness). Add sauce of your choice (I'd advice pesto or bolognese ragù), parmesan on top and serve steaming hot.