Fake Unagi

1 batch of sushi recipe look in my "Nigiri Salmon" Recipe 3 piece whiting fish fillet defrosted (leave the skin ,this give the unagi looks) sweet soya sauce(black soya sauce) generously wasabi a lil dab 1 sheet nori cut thin like the pic
One day when i broil the fish it kinda give me the idea to make unagi sushi, as you know unagi is fresh water eel, and it kinda hard to look the fresh one , so this kinda taste like unagi, so i called it "fake" unagi one of my fave sushi because it's cooked Slice the fish with a lil skin intake set the oven on broil lay a foil in the broil and arrange the fish broil for 2 minute brushed some black soya sauce ( not the regular thin one , this one is thicker and sweeter) bake for another 2 minute or until the doneness you like ( it will look caramelized) make the rice like the picture , dab a lil wasabi(very little) topped with the grilled fish wrap with nori ribbon and ready to eat, ohh i love sushi