Espresso Mini Cookies

- 200 g butter - 200 g sugar or brown sugar - 4 tea spoons vanille sugar - 2 dashs salt - 2 table spoons coffee powder - 4 table spoons cocoa - 2 eggs - 150 g Toblerone-Chocolate (or other dark chocolate) - 100 almond silvers - 300 g flour - 2 tea spoons baking powder
I love these mini espresso cookies! They're perfect as an annex to a good cup of coffee! Easy to make and this recipe is for 75 pieces. 1. Stir the butter creamy. 2. Add the Sugar, vanille sugar, salt, coffee powder, cocoa and eggs. Stir the whole till the dough is bright. 3. Add the chocolate (finely chopped) and the almond silvers (roasted and chopped). 4. Add the flour and baking powder. 5. Make some globes as big as a walnut (flattening a little bit) and put it with enough space between the individuals to the baking tray. 6. Coolish it for 15 minutes. ___ Baking: 8-10 min. in the middle of 180° degrees oven. ___ Decorate it with a single coffee bean or some liquid chocolate.