Elderflower syrup

- 40 elderflower bunches - 60 grams ascorbic acid or "viinihappo"(wine acid?) - 1.75 kg sugar - 3-4 organic lemons - 1.5 liters water (boiling)
One of my mom's recipes. This stuff is the most amazing drink mixer ever. Great with gin, champagne, or even just water. Refreshing and summery, like slipping into a pool of sweet lemony flowers. Definitely worth the effort of figuring out what an elderflower is. 1. Pick elderflowers, sort out 40 nice ones in full bloom with no bugs. 2. Boil water. 3. Slice lemons thinly. 4. Put all ingredients in a big pot with a lid available. Pour boiling water over everything, and mix. 5. Let it sit covered for 3-4 days, stirring occasionally. 6. Strain out the liquid, pour into sterile bottles and keep cold, or freeze into ice cubes for easy dropping into drinks.