Egg Tofu Scallopini

-2 tubes of egg tofu -10 peeled shrimp -handful of bay scallops -minced chicken breast ( OR any other meats ) -chopped green onions -shaoxing wine ( OR any other cooking wine ) -white pepper -sesame oil -1 tbsp Poloku seasoning ( is a all 100% mushroom and vegetable seasoning, you can substitute this with your choice of brown sauce, ie. oyster sauce ) salt to taste -10 oz water -cornstarch solution
I am going to share my favorite kind with you - the Japanese Egg Tofu . These are vacuum- packed in plastic tubes, medium-soft textured, and the color is slightly off-white. It turns a mild shade of yellow when cooked and has an eggy taste to it as it melts in your mouth 1. Cut the tofu in one inch slices and pan fry both sides until lightly brown, then set aside. 2. Sautee the green onions, scallops, shrimp and minced meat. 3. Add a dash of white pepper, a splash of cooking wine, and water. 4. Mix in the mushroom seasoning, sesame oil, and salt to taste. 5. Stir in the cornstarch solution, cook to a boil, simmer for a minute or so. 6. Pour gravy over tofu. And there you have it, a yummylicious dish of sizzling egg tofu on the wok. Optionally, you can also stir in an egg into the gravy as it is boiling for that extra OOMPH :P