Egg in a Nest (and scrapple!)

  • White bread
  • 1 egg
  • butter
Nostalgia hit me for my birthday, and I wanted to make something from my childhood.  My mom used to make these for me before school, and I'd use the cut-out piece of toast for the dipping. I used to like runny yolks, but in my old age, I've changed my tastes. So I make mine over hard...but the real way is to keep the center nice and runny.

Take a piece of white bread and butter both sides. Cut out the center using a glass or a cookie cutter. Melt some butter in a skillet, and brown one side of the holed toast. FLIP.

Crack the egg into the hole, careful not to break the yolk. add a bit of butter to the top of the yolk, again...being careful not to break. Cover with a small lid, just covering the toast/egg. Alongside, you can toast the extra hole that you cut out of the bread. 

You shouldn't have to flip it again if you love the egg yolk runny. But I flipped mine in this pic because I like em hard! Use the inner piece of toast for dipping!

I served with scrapple. If you don't know what scrapple is, you're better off basking in your ignorance of how its made. Just eat its deliciousness.