Eat Pasta

Three slices of Bacons Two to three generous handful of pasta 10 slices of Asparagus Matured Cheddar
This is as easy as cooking instant noodles. Good for any kid who detest eating vegetables. 1.Cook the pasta according to the directions on the package. 2.In a non-sticky pan, turn up the heat to low-medium and place the bacon gently on it. Cook for 2-3 minutes, add washed asparagus with the bacon. 3.Rinse the pasta under cold running water after it is done. By this time, the bacons and vegetable should be sizzling. When the edges of the bacon is slightly brown/burnt and the asparagus is cooked, scoop it out into a bowl. Quickly cut the meat and vegetable with a pair of sharp scissors. 4.While you are cutting up the main ingredients, place bite-sizes of cheddar on the pan. Pour the pasta on the pan, allowing the cheddar blend into the oil and pasta. 5.Place the main ingredients back onto the pan and do a quick stir. Off the heat and let all four different delicious flavors incorporate.SERVE!