Easy Yaki-soba

- ramen noodles, or chinese egg noodles - 3 tablespoons bulldog yakisoba sauce - 1 block firm tofu - a couple stalks spring onion - small handful of chinese greens - 1 small onion - 2 tablespoons oil - sesame oil for taste - anything else you like, really: cooked chicken meat, beansprouts, ginger, etc.
this, like the ubiquitous fried rice, is a throw-together dish that absorbs different ingredients & leftovers with impunity. this is a simple version utilizing chinese egg noodles, fried cubes of tofu and spring onions. 1. cook the (dried) noodles in a pot of boiling water, until just cooked (do not overcook). drain & set aside. 2. while the noodles are cooking, slice the onion, spring onions, and cut the tofu into cubes. chop up the greens, however you want. 2. heat up 1 tablespoon of oil in a pan & shallow-fry the tofu. remove from the pan when done, & set aside. 3. heat up the rest of the oil together with the sliced onion. when the onions are fragrant & soft, chuck in the noodles, & stir through yakisoba sauce. salt, sugar, & pepper to taste, if required. i find that a little mirin/rice vinegar here adds a nice tang as well. add the greens, and cook until they are just wilted. add the fried tofu cubes, and sliced spring onions. stir-fry quickly, 2-3 minutes should do it. 4. plate. eat up!