easy sukiyaki

sliced pork or chicken
3 green onions cut in chunks
1 onions cut in slices
1 nappa cabbage cut in squares

thinly cut carrots
enoki mushrooms

sauce (i just put 1/2 cup of everything liquid)
cooking wine
soy sauce
japanese tsuyu maker... YAMASA Tsuyu
(you dilute it to make sauce)

my mom makes this on a portable gas thing on her dinning room table but since i dont have one at home, i just made it on the stove and loaded it into a bowl.

1. cut up all the veggies and you can have them on the side in one container. i would add the green onions last tho so that they stay a big crisp.

2. i didnt add any oil... but you can. i put the sliced meat in the heated pan and when they were browned, i added all the veggies in.

3. after a few minutes i added the sauce...

4. cover for a few more minutes or until the veggies are soft and add the green onions.