Easy Pomegranate Dessert

2 Large Ripe Pomegranates
4 Tbsp Pomegranate Molasses
2 Cups Pomegranate Juice
Ground Angelica (optional)

This is method way to get all the pomegranate seeds out in a quick and easy fashion.
Cut pomegranite horizontally all the way around.  Open or seperate so you now have two pieces.  Get a very large spoon or laddle that's metalic.  Turn pomegranate so the seeds are on the palm of your hands and the skin is facing you.  Start by squeezing the pomegranate half slightly first to get the juice out and second to soften and seperate the skin from the seeds slightly.  Then with you spoon, hit the top/back of the pomegranite skin while the pomeganite is still in your hands and the bowl is just beneath your hand.  Open your fingers slightly so as the seeds fall out they fall into the bowl.  This takes a bit of practice but once you've done it a few times you can get the seeds out in just a minute.  Continue to hit the spoon on the back of the pomegranate skin until all the seeds have fallen out and then discard the skin/outer shell part.  Repeat this process for other pomegranite halves.

Once you have the seeds in a bowl, combine pomegranate  molasses, pomegranite juice, salt and ground angelica and mix together.  

Pomegranate molasses can be found in most middle eastern stores and is very common in Persian, Arabic, and Indian recipes.  A large bottle will run about $5 but will last a very long time.  You must refridgerate after opening and it has a very long shelf life.

Ground angelica is a powdered angelica seed which compliments pomegranate beautifully.  This is how Persian's and middle easterns have been eating pomegranates for decades, long before the pomegranate fad.  A packet of ground angelica - also found in Persian and middle eastern stores - runs about $2 and will also last a very long time.  It's concidered a spice and won't ever go bad.  I highly recommend it.  It's very rarely used but I haven't come across someone that doesn't like it.  It's also very fragrant and will make this dessert even more appealing.

Chill pomegranate mixture for at least 30 minutes.

Spoon pomegranate mixture with juice into individual serving cups/bowls and serve.

Serves 6.