Easy pisy Date Scone

* butter 50g * egg 1 * milk 1cup * sugar 2tbs * copped up dates 1cup * self-raising flour 2cup
1* soak the dates in the milk till the milk turn browish (so the dates is moist, if u r in a hurry, microwave it, so the warm milk gets into the dates more easily) 2* mix melted butter, sugar, milk, dates and sift flour. 3* (its not gona be solid dough) place some flour, put the dough on it, then bit more flour (its a sticky dough), then divide into 6 portions, shape it by hands into a round shape (don't do too much with it, cos it looses the raising ability). 180 degree, 15 min. serve warm, microwave it for 30 sec when its cold, it'll be just like out of the oven. serve with butter or jam mmmm....yummy...!!