Easy Curry Rice

- 2 Cups of Short Grain Rice - 2 Onions - 1 Carrot - Some Sweetcorn - Some beef - 1 potato - 2 Cloves of Garlic - Large curry block - 7 Cups water - Maggi liquid seasoning (or stock cube)
**My friend Deb showed me how to do this many years ago and I have eaten this dish in both Japan and Korea. This knowledge has gotten me through some of my most fiscally-challenged batchelor years, and it is my pleasure to pass on the info.** There are many ways to do this, and mine is really the easiest/cheating version, but it still delivers and was one of the first stepping stones in my own culinary journey. Serves around 6 1. Slice your onions and dice the garlic. Get them going in the pan (low-medium heat), because they're going to be there for a while. 2. Peel and Slice your carrot. 3. Slice your beef into small, bitesized chunks. 4. After about half an hour, your onions will have halved in size and you'll be wondering if it was possible for an onion to evaporate. This is a good thing. I think they're best when they're stringly and light brown and they've been stewing in the pan for a while. 5. Season your beef with salt and pepper, stick it in a pan on a high heat browning on all sides. 6. Throw your beef and onions into a big saucepan, add the water and a few splashes of the seasoning. 7. A little while later, add the carrot. Add the potato (peeled and chopped into similar sized chunks) not long after the carrot. 8. Once it's all started boiling, throw some sweetcorn in, and break your curry block down, adding pieces and stirring constantly. 9. You should have achieved the right consistency after about 10 minutes, and it's then just a case of making sure your veggies are done. 10. Serve with the rice.