Easy Beef Brisket

-Beef brisket - 2~3 lbs -White Radish ~Depend on how much you like it.... I had at least 4lbs here cuz I LOVE radish but you can put less! - a few pieces of ginger + green onions (only want the white/light green end without the roots) , cut in big pieces. - a can of chicken broth - soy sauce to taste - oyster sauce to taste - salt to taste - 4 tbsp chu hou paste
Thank you Tommy Lam + roommate for this recipe :D I love beef brisket and this is really something new I tried for the "ex bf" haha .... hope all you guys like it! 1. Boil the beef brisket until all blood are gone, easier to cut that way. Cut with knife or scissors to smaller about 1x1 inch cubes (smaller you cut, the faster it tenderize) 2. Cut the radish to big pieces like this, set aside. 3. Fried the spring onions and ginger in the pot you are cooking the beef brisket in 5. Add a can of chicken broth. Add water until it covers the beef brisket after the broth. 6. Add 4 tbsp of Chu Hou Paste 7. Add salt, soy sauce, and oyster sauce to taste. 8. Boil for 1.5 hours on low heat, scoop all the oil on the top. It will be greasy because brisket has quite a lot of fat. Just like the tummy of mine :p haha. 9. Add radish and cook for another half an hour. Go to my web page link for pictures of process.