Dunkelweiss – Dark Wheat Beer

.5 lb Dextrine/Carafoam
.5 lb Carared
.33 lb Carafa I


7 lbs Wheat Malt Extract

2 oz Hallertauer

Hefeweizen Ale

1 Whirlfloc tablet
3/4 Cup Sugar

Specialty Equipment:
Using grain and hop bags makes removal of ingredients a lot simpler. Bags are not necessary though if you have a good filter or sieve.
A 6.5 Glass Carboy works well. A bucket also will work.
Will need an airlock.
Racking cane.
Bottling wand.
Bottles. (Caps if needed too)
Bottling bucket.
Take 2.5 gallons of water and bring it to 155 F / 68 C, steep the grains at this temperature for 30 minutes. Remove grains.
Bring water to a boil.
Add wheat malt extract. Add .5oz of hops.
Boil for 45 minutes.
Add Whirlfloc tablet and another .5oz of hops.
Boil for 15 minutes.
Add last 1 oz of hops.

Move pot to a large container (sink works if it is big enough) containing the ice and water. Continuously stir the mixture, it should come to 77 F / 25 C in about 5 minutes. Remove the hops from the pot. Pour contents of pot through a sanitized filter and into a sanitized fermenter (carboy/bucket). Add another 2.5 gallons of water. Attached sanitized airlock to fermenter.

Store in cool, sunless spot. Ideally at 68 F / 20 C for at least two weeks.

Boil one pint of water with 3/4 cup sugar until the sugar is dissolved.
(Using all sanitized equipment and bottles) Pour sugar solution into bottling bucket. Rack contents of your fermeneter to your bottling bucket. Using a bottling wand, bottle. Cap if you are not using pop-top bottles.

Wait at least a week before drinking.