Ducks breast with red wine pears

1st.- 4 pears (not ripe), 2nd.- one cinnamon stick, 3rd.- one orange peel, 4th.- 1 red wine liter (a rioja is a good selection), 5th.- 1 duck’s breast, 6th.- salt and black peper, 7th.- some olive oil.
1.- Put the peeled pears, the stick of cinnamon and the orange peel in a pot. Pour the red wine and place it on the heat. Have it at low heat for one hour (very soft boiling). 2.- Once it’s done, turn heat of but keep warm. 3.- Have the breasts ready with salt and black pepper.Place on a hot saucepan with a bit of olive oil. The skin of the breast should be first in contact with the heat. Let it cook at high heat until the skin gets golden and brown and the grease disolves. Now turn and cook the other side. Not much, we want the inner part to be pinky. 4.- When done, place the breasts on a wooden surface and slice the meat. 5.- Prepare the plate with a pear, some red wine pears sauce and the meat with a pinch of salt on it (if it’s sea’s salt better – the thick one).