Duck in orange and white wine sauce


4 pieces duck breast 200-300 gm each ( or any meaty part will do)

2 pcs sweet ramiro poited peppers or any sweet pepper will do

4-6 pieces medium size potato

12 pieces baby carrots

4 pieces celery stalks


3 pieces onions

4-6 pieces cardamom pods ( optional )

4-6 pieces cloves

1 spoonfull of freshly ground black pepper

1 spoonful of corriander seeds

2 pieces bouillon cubes ( chicken flavor )

100 gms butter

white wine



This recipe is good for 4 persons. In english simply means duck in orange and white wine sauce.

1. In a boiling pan, place the duck portion and pour a liter of water. Add the celery,onions, black pepper, parsley. and the bouillon cubes x 2

2. Meanwhile, in a shallow pan slightly  roast the following spices:

cardamom pods, cloves, corriander seeds

then add to the boiling water and let it boil in a low heat for 1- 2 hours,depends how soft the duck you like it to be

3. Peel the potato and slice it 1/4 inch thick. Roast the pepper then place it in a bowl and cover it with cling wrap and leave it for 2-5 min then removed the charred skin and slice it into a triangle shape for garnishing.

4. Once the duck is tender, remove from the stock and pat it dry with kitchen towel. pre-heat the oven then set it to 200 degrees centigrade. Then cook the duck for 10 to 15 min un til skin is brown.

5. While the duck is cooking, boil the potato and the babby caros in a separate pan for 5-7 min using the duck stock then set aside.

6. while the potato is cooking, prepare the sauuce. Using 1 cup of duck stock, 1/2a cup of white wine, juice of 3 oranges, and  1/4 of the chicken buillon cubes. boil until the liquid is reduced to half the original amount then finally add the butter.

7. Finally arrange as seen in the picture.

Bon appetit