DOM Chicken

- Half a kampung (village) chicken, those without fats and rear at the back of the house, chopped to medium size pieces - 3 tablespoon of Benedict DOM - for marinade - 1 pinch of salt - for marinade - 1 pinch of pepper - for marinade - 1/2 bombay onion, cut ring - 1 tablespoon of oil - 2 clove of garlic, cut slice - 1 cup of water - 1 tablespoon of soy sauce
Wanted to cook ginger chicken, but realised I dont have ginger. So made this instead. 1. Marinade chicken with the marinade ingredients for at least few hours. 2.Saute onion with oil till fragrant. Add in garlic. 3. Once the garlic frangrant, add in chicken, water and soy sauce. 4. Cook the chicken with low fire till the water dries up.