Deep Fried Squishy Lotus Ball

Pastry: 10oz. of Rice Flour 1 1/2 tsp. of baking powder 2 oz. sugar 2 oz of lard or oil 1 egg 3 tbsp of water 1oz toasted sesame seeds Filling: White Lotus Paste (store bought)
I remember my grandma used to make these during Chinese holidays and never bought them from the store. I figured that it was my turn to figure out how to make it except change one thing--the peanuts w/ shredded coconut filling. Pastry Sift the flour and baking powder onto a clean surface and then make a well in the center. Add the sugar, lard and beaten egg mixture to it and mix until dissolved. Slowly work in the flour, adding water gradually. Then knead the dough. To complete.. Slightly dust the table with a little flour. Knead the dough into a cylinder shape and divide into 24 equal portions. Press each portion into the shape of a nest and put in about 1 tsp of lotus paste in the center. Then pinch the edges together and shape into a sphere. Lay toasted sesame seeds onto a tray. Heat a wok and put in about 3-4 cups of vegetable oil. Deep fry until golden brown, then strain. After straining, roll in sesame seeds and serve immediately. Any leftovers should be stored in foil and then refrigerated or frozen.