Cyberdelic Fondue

garlic clove(s)
garlic salt
spike seasoning
strongbow cider
white wine

Butter pan
dash garlic salt
2 dashes spike seasoning
rub w/ 1/2 garlic clove
chop or grate 1/2 garlic clove and add
grate gruyere & emmentaler in equal amounts (do not add yet)
[I also like about 1/4 cheddar and a lil roasted red pepper cheese, or similar...]
add strongbow cider + white wine + milk (too little and things will clump, too much and you'll water down the flavor, there is no exact amount I can give however)
slow sizzle
dash honey
Add grated cheese

wait for it all to melt, stir often
if you want you can throw dashes of flour. More wine will thin it out, more flour will even it out and help it stick together.

put into fondue pot over candle/flame
enjoy w/ all the fondue favorites...
bread, sweet pickles, cocktail onions, olives, etc