Curry Fried Rice

  • Left over rice
  • left over boiled chicken meat
  • 2 stick sausage ( dice)
  • a handfull of frozen vege ( carrots,corns,peas)
  • diced onions
  • fish sauce
  • curry powder
  • oil



This is my style of fried rice. You can put any kind of meat that you like. For me, i used anything that i have in the refrigerator.

Heat pan with oil and onions.Add chicken, sausage and frozen vege.

Stir a while till all cooked, add rice, fish sauce and curry powder.

Stir well till even. Ready to be serve with sprinkle fried shallot and eat with shrimp crackers.

PS : how much fish sauce and curry powder is depends on how many rice you have.