cucumber salad

2 red onions,finely sliced A large handful of parsley 2 cucumbers, 2 lemons if they are small salt freshly cracked black pepper white wine vinegar 2 spring onions 2 tsp flavourless oil, olive oil is not suitable 1 small green chilli
This delightful salad eats very well with oily fishFinely slice the red onions in a bowl add 1tbsp of salt squeeze the salt into the red onions, really crush the two together. My mum says this makes the onion less acidic and oniony.All the bitter juices will come out. Wash the onions to remove the salt. The onions will be soft and taste mild with a hint of saltiness. Add 1tbsp of white wine vinegar to the onions and set aside. Chop spring onions into fine circles use the whole thing green part adds a fresh bite to the salad. Peel the cucumber cut lenghways you should have two semi circles finely slice these .Add to the bowl of onions. Add the chopped chilli. Squeeze the lemons .Finely chop the flat leaved parsley. Add oil and salt and pepper, mix together adding more salt , pepper or lemon to your own taste.