Cucumber Pickle with Ohba Leaves

2-3 Japanese Cucumber
4-5 Ohba Leaves
3 tbsp Ponzu

This dish is a super hero for me for emergency guest situation. It is so quick, keeps very well, and goes very well with beer!

It is also incredibly versatile, you can sprinkle some white sesame on top or chop some garlic in or dry plum if you are brave, I am certainly. Or add dry chili if you want to keep it longer, or if you cannot find Ponze, use Soy sauce instead!

Wash the cucumber, and on a chopping board hit the cucumber with the bottom of a knife. Cucumber should not break into pieces, holding its shape, but broken on the inside. It is not as hard as it sounds. Chop them randomly and put them in a bowl.

Cut the Ohba leaves into size of your choice (I like thin slices) and toss them into the bowl as well.

Pour Ponzu in, stir very well, if you have 10 minutes, put them in a resealable bag and put flat in the fridge for the cucumber to be flavoured.