Crispy Bitter Gourd Salad

- Small Bitter Gourds, depends on size of salad (10 small ones should make a decent sized salad for 4pax) - 1 Large Tomato - 2 Green Chillis - 4 Small green limes - Fresh shallots, about 5 small ones
Ok I know not everyone likes bitter gourd, but frying them to a crisp does take away the bitterness. It is imperative to get the small baby ones as opposed to the large ones. This is actually a Sri Lankan staple and they usually add dried fish to the salad, which is pound to a pulp. I suppose one could add pound dried shrip in place of fish, but I kinda like it sans seafood. You can work out your own proportions and add more tomatoes or chillis if you like. - Finely slice bitter gourd. (You can see from picture that they need to be thin slices, along with the seeds, they add a nice crunch) - Dice tomatoes, chilli, shallots finely. - Season sliced bitter gourd with salt - Deep fry till crisp - Dry on kitchen towel, let cool - Mix with rest of ingredients, squeeze in lime last - Salt to taste Ugly little salad, but I suppose you who are creative will find a way to plate this beautifully. Me? I'm just lazy. Enjoy!