creamy coleslaw

Serves Two -

1/4 cabbage
1/2 small carrot
about 5 snow peas
tspn sour cream
tspn mayonnaise
teeny pinch of sugar
1/4 crisp apple
tblsp finely chopped red onion
cracked pepper (or pepper mix) I use the salt, coriander seed, black peppercorn and oregano one)

blob the mayo, pinch of sugar and sour cream in a bowl.

then, do yourself a favour and get yourself one of those mandolin thingys (for finely dicing foods).

until it arrives, finely dice the cabbage, carrot, apple (do this last so it doesn't brown) snow peas and onion.
Add veggies to bowl, mix and bung it in the fridge until ready to serve.  I don't like to make more than enough for two days so adjust your recipe as desired.  Really, you can chuck anything in it.

Before you serve it, crack that pepper.