Crabstick Omelette & French Bean Fried Rice

- Half a large onion, roughly chopped - 2 Eggs - One Dozen Crabsticks, quartered - Large handful of French Beans, thinly sliced - Your choice of cooked rice
Something simple that covers all the food groups. Crabsticks go very well with french beans because the latter has a very clean, fresh taste. Doesn't hurt that they're also always crunchy. 1. Heat up some cooking oil in a deep frying pan. 2. Drop in the onions and french beans, stirfry until beans are almost cooked. Add salt. 3. Add the crabsticks, slosh everything around until the beans are thoroughly cooked and the crabsticks are showing LIGHT brown streaks. 4. Scoop out half the crabsticks. 5. Add the rice, a pinch of pepper and more salt or some soy sauce. Mix everything up nicely. 6. Transfer the fried rice into a plate, then put the scooped-out crabsticks back into the pan, with the eggs, to make the omelette. And again with the salt. 7. Finished!