courgette pasta

- courgettes (add courgette flowers if they're in season) - garlic - shallot - small onion - small red chilli - olive oil - bacon - pasta of choice
Super quick olive oil base pasta. That's all. 1. finely chop up garlic/shallot/onion/chilli (only leave some of the seeds if you can handle it) or you can mush them up in a pestle & mortar (minus the onion) 2. slice or julienne the courgettes 3. add all of the above in a few tablespoons of olive oil, let the flavour infuse for a little while you do this other stuff below 4. cook pasta al-dente and set aside (please don't cook it til it's all mushy, remember to drain with cold water to stop the cooking process) 5. cook bacon in oven grill til crunchy and set aside 6. now cook the olive oil mixture of stuff until it smells wonderful (but make sure the courgettes still has crunch) 7. toss in the pasta and bacon, season with sea salt and freshly cracked pepper 8. arrange artistically