Cold Noodle

Yellow Noodles
Egg (and 1 tsp sugar/egg)
Ham (Chicken or Pork)
Japanese Cucumber
White Sesame Seeds
Soba Source
Mustard (Optional)
Mayonnaise (Optional)

On a blazing hot day, this refreshing dish will save your soul! I love to put extra sesame seeds on top if I need to work after for its brain boosting power.

Mix an egg and sugar, and in a large pan, pour the mix in to make a thin layer of yellow sheet. It does not need to be cooked completely unless you don't like that. Place it on a chopping board and let it rest, thinly slice the sheet when it is cool.

Slice the tomato, ham and cucumber in a same manner.

In a boiling water (1.5 litre per 100g), cook the noodle till al dente, drain and discard the cooking water and wash it with running water till it is cool.

On a plate, place the noodle, and plate the rest of the ingredients.

Pour the soba source on top and serve.