Chocolate Pecan Cookies

- 180 g smooth butter - 300 g brown sugar - 2 tea-spoons vanille sugar - 2 eggs - 350 g flour - 2 tea-spoons cocoa - 1 tea-spoon baking soda - 100 g chopped pecans - 100 g chocolate drops
So... I made these cute cookies for my grandfather, my family and some friends from work! I looooove cookies! They're so easy to make and just perfect to a coffee! (Here in the picture with a Latte Macchiatto! *yummi*) __________________________________________ Time to prepare: 20 minutes Time to bake: 15 minutes __________________________________________ 1. Preheat the oven. 2. Stir margarine, sugar, vanille sugar & eggs spumy. 3. Mix the flour, cocoa with the baking soda and sieve it over the things from step 2. Add the pecans and chocolate drops. Fold in with the mixture. Mix all things fast. But attention! Just don't stir it too much! If you do - they will get hard! 4. Make pieces with a teaspoon and put them to a baking tray. Diameter as big as you want them. But attention!! They will rise... so look that you let enough space between them! 5. Flattening them a little bit. 6. Bake them. _____________________________________________ Baking: 15 minutes, in the middle, convection oven --> 160° degrees, "normal" oven --> 180° degrees, gas oven --> level 2-3