Chocolate Chip Cookies

- 400 g margarine - 300 g brown sugar - 2 eggs - 1 1/2 pack vanille sugar - dash salt - tea spoon baking powder - dash baking soda - 450 g flour - 400 g chocolate drops (or chopped dark chocolate
They taste awesome and it's very easy to make! Traditional with a glass of milk or to a good cup of coffee! They're always welcome! 1. Stir margarine, sugar, salt creamy. 2. Add the eggs. 3. Add the flour, vanille sugar and baking powder. 4. Add 2/3 of the chocolate drops. 5. Make pieces with a teaspoon and put them to a baking tray. Diameter like 3cm. Attention!! They will rise... so look that you let enough space between them! 6. Flattening them a little bit. 7. Sprinkle the other chocolate drops. ____ Baking: 13 minutes, in the middle, convection oven --> 160° degrees, normal oven --> 180° degrees