Chocolate brownies with nuts

1. 400g butter 2. 400g black chocolate 3. 200g hazel-nuts 4. 6 eggs 5. 1 pack of vanilla sugar 6. 500g caster sugar 7. 175g plain flour 8. 55g cocoa 9. a dash of salt 10. 100g milk chocolate (chopped)-(also possible with white chocolate) 11. some powdered sugar (to decorate)
Most brownies which I ever baked were too creamy or too hard. You will love this one if you like it, if the brownie is softly interior and crispy outside. It's really easy to make and just delicious. Try it! 1. Preheat the oven to 180 degrees C(circulating air oven) 2. Butter the baking-tin (I tooked a round one 12"x18") 3. Melt the black chocolate and butter together (in boiling hot water) 4. Put all the other ingredients except the milk chocolate and the hazel-nuts into the bowl of your electric mixer. Then add the black chocolate/butter mixture. Mix until it's smooth. You can chop the milk chocolate and the hazel-nuts and mix it. 5. Now you can pour it into tin and then sprinkle it with the chopped milk chocolate/hazel-nuts mixture. Don't push it down (to prevent it burning). 6. Bake in the middle of the oven for 22 minutes. The surface should be crispy whilst the interior will be creamy and delicious! 7. Leave the tin until it's completly cold. 8. Enjoy your brownie with a good cup of coffee!