Chinese Olives Fried Rice

2 cups rice (Use day-old rice or if making from scratch make sure to add a little less water. I usually cook 1 cup of rice to ¾ cup of water when I want to make fried rice. It varies with the type of rice used. Let cool before frying or rice will become mushy.) 
2 cloves large garlic minced 
10 salted Chinese olives (rinsed, please!) 
150 grams minced pork 
3 tablespoons of lard 
3 tablespoons of pork fat crackling
Lime, cumber, chili (served as condiments. As much as you like.)
1.Start by rendering your own pork fat. It’s easy, really. Cut the pork fat into 1 inch thin strips. Heat the wok medium high. Put in the pork fat and let it slowly ooze out fragrant gold liquid. Stir from time to time to prevent it from burning. Remove the pork fat crackling when it starts to turn golden brown. It will continue cooking for a little while. Reserve the oil in a separate bowl.

2.Rinse the Chinese olives Remove the seeds by gently squeezing the olives. They should come off easily. Put aside.

3.Next comes the step in which your elbow will be put to good use…or borrow someone else’s! Cut the pork (I use filet mignon) into thin 1 inch slices and then start chopping until you get minced meat. When done, thoroughly mix in the olives with a fork. You should get a black-purplish minced pork mixture.

4.Heat up the wok. Add in 3 tablespoons of lard then the garlic. When the garlic just about browns, add in the olive and pork mixture. Keep stir frying until the pork is about done. Add in the rice. Fry and mix well. Taste. If it is not salty enough add a small splash of fish sauce.

5.Scoop onto plate or rice bowl. Top with the pork crackling and serve with the lime, cucumber and chili.