Chinese meat balls

- 500g minced pork - 1 egg - Minced fresh ginger - chopped coriander - Hua Diao Wine - Soy sauce - Oyster sauce - Pepper
Easy to make and awesome stress reliever. I don't have the exact amounts, as when we cook, everything is...hmm..."add a bit more.","that's enough.","it looks right..." HEY. COOKING IS NOT ROCKET SCIENCE. 1. Combine everything in one large bowl with your hands. 2. Then... pick up the mince mix and throw it back into the bowl. Literally THROW. SLAM IT HARD. Repeat many many times, until the mixture is sticky. It won't stick to your fingers in the beginning, but in the end you'll be scraping pork off your hands. 3. Form into balls, and deep fry until golden. 4. Eat them as they are with tomato sauce, or, as we did, in a soup made from napa cabbage. Possibilities are endless. 5. Again, cooking is not rocket science.