Chinese leaves and salmon salada

-80g Chinese leaf*
-20g Sliced smoked salmon
-Sliced olive (add all you like)
-Caper (add all you like)

For dressing
-1 tablespoon Olive oil
-3 tablespoons Vineger
-Finely ground black pepper.

*Normaly the center of chinese leaves is sweeter and tastes nicer for salada.

This is a dish a aunt cooked for me. I did not think of using Chinese leaves for salada, but actually they taste great in salada.

1.Slice Chinese leaves into 1cm width.
2.Chop sliced smoked salmon into 2cm width.
3.Make dressing. put all ingredients for dressing and mix them together with a spoon. 
4.Put all ingredients into bowl together and mix them.