chinese egg noodle side.

6 oz egg noodles - 3 tbspn sesame oil - 3 tbspn olive oil - ginger 1 small piece - garlic 2 medium size pieces - sliced red peppers about 15 slices - 1 half of a small cabbage - 3 oz sliced mushrooms - 5 oz sliced carrots.
Cook the egg noodles until they are slightly tender. Grind the ginger and garlic together and fry them in a hot pan with sesame oil. After 30 secs add the mushrooms and after 30 sec the cabbage and carrots with red peppers. let them cook with the oil before they crisp and add the noodles. Stir together with the previous mix, let the noodles fry  on the pan, turnover about 5 times until desired toast, serve! 
Buen Provecho!