chili kani & mussels with vermicelli

-1tbspgrated ginger -1tbspjulienned ginger -1tbspminced garlic -¼cupchopped red onion -1tbspsesame oil -1tbspcanola oil -2cupssteamed mussels (meat only) -2cupsdiced kani -1cupmixed vegetables -30gramsvermicelli noodles, soaked in hot water -¼cupoyster sauce -3tbspbrown sugar -1tspblack pepper -2tbspgarlic chili paste
i love chili. i love seafoods. i love noodles. here's the result. :) a wok over high heat, sauté ginger garlic and onion in oils. 2.add the mussels, kani, mixed vegetables and vermicelli one at a time. carefully mix then add ½ cup of water to deglaze the wok. 3.season with oyster sauce, brown sugar, pepper and chili paste. 4.simmer for a few minutes then add a dash of sesame oil before serving. serve hot.