Chicken with Red Bell Pepper

2 boneless chicken thigh (skinned & cut into bite-sized strips) 1 red bell pepper (seeded & cut into small pieces) 3-4 tbsp vegetable oil 1 tbsp minced garlic 2 stalks spring onion (minced) 1 red chilli (minced) a dash or two grounded black pepper salt dark soy sauce sesame oil few drops of chinese rice wine
  1. Heat oil in a frying pan. Add garlic & stir till golden.
  2. Add red chillies & pepper. Stir for about 1 min before adding in chicken. Continue stir fry until chicken is cooked. Half way through, add some grounded black pepper.
  3. Add spring onion, salt, dark soy sauce, sesame oil & wine. Stir for another 2 min.