chicken parsley toast


french loaf: 1 cut diagonaly in 1 cm thick slices

chicken breast: 1

parsley: dry, 1 tea spoon

parsley: fresh, 4/5 strands, finely chopped

capsicum: 1 large, finely chopped (to add some colour, you may choose to use red and yellow bell pepper)

cheese spread: 2 table spoons full

olive oil: 2 table spoons

vodka: 15 ml (optional)



this one is from easy to make and quick appetizer category ...

give some cuts (not too deep) cuts on chicken breast. rub dry parsley and salt over it, dont forget to rub into the cuts too. marinate it with vodka. you dont need to marinate it for too long, 10/15 minutes is good enough. if you dont use vodka, no need to marinate.

brush some olive oil over the chicken and grill it for 8 minutes. let it cool, then cut it into smaller pieces. (if you dont have a grill, even boiling the chicken is okay)

take a bowl, mash the chicken into it. add cheese and mash again. then add parsley and capsicum. mix it well.

apply the mix over toasts, a thick layer. you may choose to brush some olive oil and toast it for a while or just eat it like that. ...

ps: i know parsly looks green and lovely but dont add too much of it, it has ability to kill all other flavours ...