Chicken in Tomato souse With Fried Eggs


4 chicken drummies

300 gr tomato in can

100 gr pineapple

50 ml coconut milk

0.025 gr parsley

2 gloves garlic

½ glove onion

2 carrots

Salt and paper to taste

3 tbsp olive oil


For the eggs:

2 tbsp flour

6 eggs

Oil for frying


1.       The drummies are placed in saucepan and frid in the olive oil for 2 -3 min

2.       Add chopped onion and carrots.

3.       Add 200 ml water  after its evaporation add strain tomatoes, chopped (cubes) pineapple, coconut milk and minced garlic and parsley.

4.       Put salt and paper to taste and add water if needed. Leave it on the oven (middle Temperature) for about 40 min

5.       Hard boil 4 eggs and peel them. After it put thme in the paste made of 2 eggs and flour and fry them in hot oil till golden (yellow)

6.       Cut eggs on 4 and put them in the saucepan for 5 min

7.       Place it in dish