Chicken French-MexToast

For the Toast: - 1 Roasted Chicken Breast - 8 slices of Bread (any bread will work, I use Rye Bread) - 3 Eggs - Salt and Pepper For the Salsa: - 2 Ripe red Tomatoes - 1/4 of Small onion - 1 Jalapeño - 1/2 cup of Cilantro - 1 cup of Corn - 1 1/2 Tb spoon of Olive Oil - 1/2 Tb spoon of Balsamic Vinegar - Salt, Pepper, Cumin, Cayenne Pepper or Old Bay.
I Have to take the pictures I promise To post them at soon I repeat the dish. The photo for this recipe is a Mexican Tostada. A little bit of history of this dish. Last year we where at ours friends beach house, and the night before we had BBQ, where roasted some chicken, It was so much food for the four of us, that we had some chicken left overs. That morning I wake up for a walk and I saw this kids eating French Toast on theirs porch. I had a big craving for French Toast since that moment. By the time that I got back to the house, my friend was taking the meat of the chicken of the bones, to do some kind of stew to serve as part of the breakfast. And them I had the idea. Well enough the story and lets go to cook. The Salsa: 1. Put an Iron Fry Pan to get hot. 2. Cut the Tomatoes in half slightly salted and pepper. 3. Put in the pan the Tomatoes and the jalapeño to get get slightly roasted ( just to get the smoky flavor, and allow the tomato to release more juice ). 4. In the blender I put the tomatoes, the onion, the Jalapeño, the Cilantro Olive oil, Balsamic Vinegar, the cumin, and a dash of Cayenne Pepper ( I used Old Bay, but for some this will be a little bit difficult to find ). 5. Blended well, in meantime I put the corn to get roasted on the Pan. 6. Throw the corn in the blender with the sauce, a short blend. 7. correct the salt and the pepper at you own taste. The Toast: 8. Take chicken the meat from the bones, 9. put the chicken meat between two slices of bread, and 10. apply some pressure to keep everything together. 11. Beat the eggs with salt and pepper. 12. Put a fry Pan with enough oil to cook the toast, to heat. 13. When the oil is hot, take the chicken sandwich, put in egg, and fry until is gold and on both sides. To Serve: 14. Put the toast on the plate and throw enough sauce on top, 15. garnish with some slice of avocado or anything that you like. Enjoy.