Chicken Croquettes

1st .- Use the chicken leftovers from the meat broth (1/2 chicken), 2nd.- 1 big onion (I prefer a red one), 3rd.- ½ liter of milk, 4th.- 4 flour table spoons, 5th.- 1 tea spoon of nutmeg, 6th.- olive oil, 7th.- 1 egg, 8th.- some breadcrumbs, 9th.- a ham leg’s bone (small one) 10th.- and salt.
1. Place the chopped onion in a pot with some olive oil Have it cooking until transparent. 2. Meanwhile get the milk inside another pot and place the ham bone inside. Don’t let it boil! Just have it there infusioning for… the longer the better (1 hour) At very low heat. 3. Once you have the chicken meat all grinded, and the onion is so transparent you can see through… 4. Mix it all together, get a mass and add the flour spoons. The heat should not be too high so that the flour doesn’t get burned. Keep on stirring until you get an homogeneous mass. 5. Once you have it start adding the milk you had infusioning with the bone ham. Stir and add some salt and the nutmeg. 6. Your arm might get a little tired, because stirring is long and hard, but you will finally get a thicker texture. Add the ham that was adhered to the bone and mix. 7. Now turn heat off. Let the mass rest and when it has cooled down a bit cover it with a kitchen cloth. You can put it in the fridge and fry the croquettes the day after… they will be better. 8. Make this form with the cold mass and coat first with the egg and after with breadcrumbs. 9. Fry them in olive oil. The oil should be at high heat, have them inside the oil for 8 to 10 seconds and leave them over kitchen paper. 10. Once they are dry… They are ready to eat!!!! Great dish for kids, Great for tapas, Great anytime!!! You will find all pictures step by step in my blog!