Chellishious Cheescake

250grams Cream cheeese 250 grams sweetened condensed milk 250ml double cream two lemons ( or substitute blueberries and zest of lemon only) sachet gelatine 1 vanilla pod 1 packet Nice biscuits ( sweet shortbread) 125 grams unsalted butter jice and pulp of one passionfruit ( or kiwi fruit) Use one Springform 20cm cake pan
(No Cooking required) crush 250 grams biscuits melt butter mix butter and biscuits to form crust press into base of springform and up edges for 2 inches (5cm) refrigerate grate lemon zest and keep aside juice lemon. soften cream cheese to room temp in a mixer add cream and chopped cream cheese at room temp when smooth, add sweetended condensed milk and mix till even texture and smooth flowing remove seeds from vanilla pod ( or add vanilla essence 1/2 teaspoon), blend vanilla and lemon juice( unless doing blueberries, do not add blueberries yet) to a fine paste and add to cream cheese and cream, blend on low speed ( do not whip) until smooth.add lemon zest and mix through, soften gelatine in warm water and blend through mix. When mix smooth and even test for taste, add vanilla , lemon or cream to taste. ( if doing blue berries add them to base of pie crust now and pour mix over top) pour mix into pie crust to level of crust refrigerate till firm decorate with passion fruit ( or spare blueberries) or kiwi fruit pulp serve with fresh double cream or ice cream and coffee. this will tingle your tongue and make your thoat shudder with pleasure!!!